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October 20, 2020

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Creating Perfect Edges in 2D-Materials

Ultrathin materials such as graphene promise a revolution in nanoscience and technology. Researchers have now made an important advance within the field. In a recent article they present a method for ...

Stacking and Twisting Graphene Unlocks a Rare Form of Magnetism

A team of researchers has discovered that a variety of exotic electronic states, including a rare form of magnetism, can arise in a three-layer graphene ...

Experiments With Twisted 2D Materials Catch Electrons Behaving Collectively

A team reports that carefully constructed stacks of graphene -- a 2D form of carbon -- can exhibit highly correlated electron properties. The team also found evidence that this type of collective ...

Turning Diamond Into Metal

Researchers have discovered a way to tweak tiny needles of diamond in a controlled way to transform their electronic properties, dialing them from insulating, through semiconducting, all the way to ...
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Molecular Design Strategy Reveals Near Infrared-Absorbing Hydrocarbon

The lessons learned from a near infrared absorbing, bowl-shaped molecule made only from hydrogen and carbon atoms offers insights for future organic ...

Single Photons from a Silicon Chip

Quantum technology holds great promise: Quantum computers are expected to revolutionize database searches, AI systems, and computational simulations. Today already, quantum cryptography can guarantee ...

Physicists 'Trick' Photons Into Behaving Like Electrons Using a 'Synthetic' Magnetic Field

Scientists have discovered an elegant way of manipulating light using a 'synthetic' Lorentz force -- which in nature is responsible for many fascinating phenomena including the Aurora ...

Understanding Electron Transport in Graphene Nanoribbons

New research aims to better understand the electron transport properties of graphene nanoribbons (GNRs) and how they are affected by bonding with aromatics - a key step in designing technology such ...

Anti-Bacterial Graphene Face Masks

Researchers have successfully produced laser-induced graphene masks with an anti-bacterial efficiency of 80 percent, which can be enhanced to almost 100 percent within 10 minutes under sunlight. ...

Paving the Way for Tunable Graphene Plasmonic THz Amplifiers

Researchers have successfully demonstrated a room-temperature coherent amplification of terahertz (THz) radiation in graphene, electrically driven by a dry cell ...

A Tiny Instrument to Measure the Faintest Magnetic Fields

Physicists have developed a minuscule instrument able to detect extremely faint magnetic fields. At the heart of the superconducting quantum interference device are two atomically thin layers of ...

Team's Flexible Micro LEDs May Reshape Future of Wearable Technology

Researchers have developed a method to create micro LEDs that can be folded, twisted, cut and stuck to different ...

An Improved Wearable, Stretchable Gas Sensor Using Nanocomposites

A stretchable, wearable gas sensor for environmental sensing has been developed and ...

New Device Can Measure Toxic Lead Within Minutes

Researchers have created a miniature device for measuring trace levels of toxic lead in sediments at the bottom of harbors, rivers and other waterways within minutes -- far faster than currently ...

Graphene Sensors Find Subtleties in Magnetic Fields

Researchers used an ultrathin graphene 'sandwich' to create a tiny magnetic field sensor that can operate over a greater temperature range than previous sensors, while also detecting ...

Trapping and Controlling Light at the Interface of Atomically Thin Nanomaterials

Scientists propose a new method to confine light in an atomically thin graphene layer by leveraging topological phenomena that occur at the interface of specially designed ...

A Key to Cheaper Renewable Fuels: Keeping Iron from Rusting

Researchers have made a key first step in economically converting plant materials to fuels: keeping iron from ...

No Limit Yet for Carbon Nanotube Fibers

Researchers report advances in their quest to make the best carbon nanotube fibers for ...

Coffee Stains Inspire Optimal Printing Technique for Electronics

Using an alcohol mixture, researchers modified how ink droplets dry, enabling cheap industrial-scale printing of electronic devices at unprecedented ...

New Way to Check the Quality of Nanomaterials Like Graphene

A new way to check the quality of nanomaterials like graphene has ...

New Advance in Superconductors With 'Twist' in Rhombohedral Graphite

An international research team has revealed a nanomaterial that mirrors the 'magic angle' effect originally found in a complex human-made structure known as twisted bilayer graphene -- a ...

Quantum Materials Quest Could Benefit from Graphene That Buckles

Graphene buckles when cooled while attached to a flat surface, resulting in pucker patterns that could benefit the search for novel quantum materials and superconductors, according to new ...

Nanocrystals from Recycled Wood Waste Make Carbon-Fiber Composites Tougher

Researchers have used a natural plant product, called cellulose nanocrystals, to pin and coat carbon nanotubes uniformly onto the carbon-fiber composites. The researchers said their prescribed method ...

Stack and Twist: Physicists Accelerate the Hunt for Revolutionary New Materials

Scientists have taken an important step towards understanding the interaction between layers of atomically thin materials arranged in stacks. They hope their research will speed up the discovery of ...

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